Departures Roadway Re-Opens to Passengers; New Central Greeting Area for Family & Friends Picking up Passengers on Lower Level


Vehicle Traffic

Beginning today, the upper level Departures roadway re-opens for passenger use. The lower level Arrivals roadway will remain open for passenger use. A temporary road closure will remain in effect for only the lower level outer roadway traffic.


Terminal Pedestrian Traffic

Family, friends and business associates who use hourly parking and enter the terminal to meet and greet passengers will now use the new central greeting area for ALL passengers. This is in the center of the baggage claim on the lower level.

Arriving passengers will now circulate through the main food court and down the new set of escalators, stairs, or elevators and exit through a single exit where the new central greeting area is located. This change will eliminate the need for family and friends to determine on which concourse passengers will arrive.

Those who do not wish to come into the terminal and meet arriving passengers are encouraged to use the Smart Phone Lot located off Airport Way as you come around the curve entering airport property – prior to the terminal. Smart Phone Lot users must stay in their vehicles and may proceed to the appropriate numbered column on the lower level arrivals road to pick up passengers once the passenger is at the curb and identified their pick up location.

Final Note

With any project of this magnitude there will be minor detail finishing and punch list item completion going on over the next six weeks.  The new Diner & Sports Bar are under renovation at this time as they were added later in the ROC Renovation project.  Estimated completion date for these establishments is Nov - Dec. 2018.  In addition, there is one small sidewalk cover that will be installed from hourly parking to the canopy entrance.  The sidewalk cover is anticipated for completion by the end of Nov. 2018.

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