Monroe County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo today was joined by Sheriff Patrick O’Flynn and airport revitalization project stakeholders, including local labor groups, to announce the canopy bid package for the Greater Rochester International Airport (ROC) revitalization project. The canopy bid package was publically released on July 14th with a requirement that any steel used in the canopy project be purchased from domestic manufacturers.

“With a tremendously unique and innovative design, the new airport canopy will be recognized by travelers all across the country,” said Dinolfo. “Not only is the canopy the signature piece of the airport revitalization project, but the BUY AMERICA requirement will also create an estimated 75 jobs for Americans here in Monroe County and many more elsewhere in the United States.”

The canopy will be 75,000 square feet and will require 420 tons of steel with a tensile membrane fabric covering. It will provide a protective covering for passengers using curbside autos, taxis and rideshares, shuttle buses and the parking garage. The new canopy will also improve terminal accessibility, reduce de-icing chemical usage and reduce operations and maintenance costs. The goal of the design is to enhance the overall passenger experience, especially during the cold winter months when exposure to the elements can be challenging and even dangerous due to windy, stormy or icy conditions.

The canopy will also provide enhanced security measures for the airport. With intelligent video and surveillance technology including cameras, license plate readers and luggage motion-sensing devices, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office will have greater ability to monitor ingress and egress, remain vigilant for potentially dangerous situations and provide for even greater passenger security. It is essential for the airport to continue being proactive in maintaining the safety of travelers.

"Protecting travelers at the airport is one of our most important responsibilities,” said O’Flynn. “When it comes to public safety, every new piece of equipment provides tremendous assistance and I'm pleased the new airport canopy will include an enhanced security apparatus for our Deputies to better monitor and respond to suspicious activity."

In addition to the security benefits, the canopy will promote sustainability, featuring solar panels, a 40,000 gallon rainwater collection system for landscaping and irrigation on airport property, and LED lighting. The new lighting will consist of energy efficient bulbs that will reduce energy costs and represent a cost-savings for the airport every year. 

There are three components to the canopy package: one bid for the canopy itself and the steel needed; a second bid for the electrical work; and a third bid for general contracting, including foundations, site work and other smaller needs. Bids are required to be returned to the County by August 10th and construction is expected to begin mid-September, 2017.

Monroe County Purchasing Department (Bid Package Posting)



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